New Kitten/Puppy HEALTH Kit Benefits

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ALL Savannahs and Bengals are registered with TICA which stands for The International Cat Association.

ALL Kittens are raised in my home, in my living room.

ALL Bengal and Savannahs come with the following:

(2) sets of vaccinations as per TICA Code of ETHICS

De-wormed 2 to 3 times as recommended by vets

Revolutioned or Advantaged which is a flea, tic, mite monthly control program.

Internationally Micro Chipped for safety and identification.

Vet Health Certificate

6 weeks FREE Pet Health Insurance

MAJIC FARMS New Kitten Kit :  See page for contents.

PET or BREEDER available.  If PET Males come neutered and females on spay contract.

DOMESTIC CROSS Kittens are raised in home as well underfoot and overly friendly.  They come with 1 Set of Vaccinations Minimum, they are NOT REGISTERED.  Males come NEUTERED.  Females required to be spayed.

All PUPPIES are  HOME raised in my living room.

Vet Health Certificate

One (1) or Two (2)  Sets of Vaccinations depends on age of puppy

Internationally Microchipped for Identification and Safety

Dewormed 3X as per Vet recommendation and Revolutioned

Pet or Breeder available.  PETS on Spay/Neuter contract.

Page last updated: January 25, 2017 @ 5:48 pm


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