Emu Oil Products.

250 ML Emu OilSome of the BEST available on the market and it is one of the ONLY that is PROPERLY packaged in BROWN GLASS to ensure its PURITY and Natural Components. Avoid Plastic (chemical leaching and oxygenation), Clear Glass (Broken down by light) or any other colour of glass (Broken down by light) as they degrade the oil over time.

Brown Glass is the BEST for storage. Non toxic and natural!!


Pure Emu Oil – 10ml bottle $10

Pure Emu Oil – 25 ml bottle $25

Pure Emu Oil 50ml bottle $ 35

Pure Emu Oil 250ml bottle plus FREE 10ml bottle $120

40% Emu Oil SOAP $10

75% Emu Oil Soap $15

Lip Balm $5

NO TAX if shipping out of Canada Internationally