Savannah Cats

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I have females and males available.  Colours:  Golden INK BLACK Spot  OR Golden Brown Spot OR  Silver Black Spot OR Black Smoke Spotted  AND  1 Black Smoke Marble FEMALE  AND 1 Male Snow Mink Spotted Leopard.  From $1000 to $2500 for PET.  Breeder available contact.

Servaluu Zeen'a mom

Servaluu Zeen'a mom

Great Grandmother to most of my F5

Great Grandmother to most of my F5

The Savannah is derived from the SERVAL wild cat and a DOMESTIC.

This BREED make GREAT PETS if raised in a caring environment by caring individuals.

My kittens love everyone, are gorgeous and overly friendly.  You want a HOUSE RAISED kitten, not one in a shed.  If it is not approachable and cuddly when you meet it , it most likely never will be.  Come on out and see the difference a hands on approach makes in this wild cat mix.

Check you bylaws to see if you can have the earlier generations or if you require F4 , F5 or later generations, like Alberta.

F1, F2 and F3 are generally breeding stock but some are also sold as pets.  The F1, F2 and F3 males are INFERTILE.  the males are not fertile until F4 or F5 level. The earlier generations are also more expensive.   F1 are $6000 to $8000.   F2 and F3 are a bit cheaper.

F5 PET Females from $1000 to $1500, PET Males $1500 to $2500 neutered.

F6 PET Females $1000 to $1200, Males $1500 to $2500 neutered.

  • Males are neutered prior to departure.
  • Breeding rights available on approved animals.
  • ALL are TICA registered.
  • TICA Code of Ethics adhered to.
  • Vet Checked and Health Guarantees

I produce Very Golden Black Spotted, Black Smoke Silver Black Spotted, Silver Black Spotted and Snow Silver Black spotted.

The bigger more impressive cat, the more it will cost.

Visit my Animals Available page.  Click on the moving Cat.

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